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What’s Keeping Your From Reaching the Results You Want?

Successful people have one thing in common: they get results, and they get them fast. The SAQ Assessment measures the three core areas that are fundamental to anyone’s success: Clarity, Focus, and Execution.

Regardless of your position, your experience or your skills, the SAQ Assessment is designed to measure where you’re at now, and then show you what to do next to accelerate your success.

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Targets Productive Habits

Enables individuals to target productive habits that will help them get results faster in their work/careers.

Improves Efficiency

Enables organizations to systematically train groups of professionals on targeted behaviors that will help the organization efficiently get better, faster results through training.

Changes Culture

Enables the organization through training (group training and self-development) to change the culture to emphasize getting results faster.

About the SAQ Assessment

The online test covers 45 total items within three core competencies. It should take no more than 20 minutes for you to complete. In addition, each assessment includes:

  • Individualized reports that produce targeted development suggestions.
  • Core insights, distinctions and action plans provided by Tony Jeary, Coach to the world’s top CEOs, and creatore/author of the Strategic Acceleration methodology.
  • Your personalized Strategic Acceleration Quotient.

Interested in the SAQ Assessment for your group or company? We also offer a facilitator’s package that includes a Group Report function, which produces a customized Trainer’s Guide, as well as an Assessment Facilitator’s Guide and Participant Development Planning Book.

Who Created the SAQ Assessment?

For the last decade, Tony Jeary has been coaching and advising the world’s top CEOs on how to master Strategic Acceleration. Namely, Tony is known for helping top achievers get results faster by helping them get clear on what they’re doing, focus relentlessly on High Leverage Activities that make the biggest difference, and drive execution at peak levels.

The SAQ Assessment brings together all of Tony’s vast and unique experiences, and applies them in a way that will help you get RESULTS faster.

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It's Time to Strategically Accelerate Your Results.

Our methods are proven with over 30 years of helping people succeed. Let Us Help You.